The platform helps the citizen to find the right Government schemes for them. It also guides on how to apply for different Government schemes. Thus no need to visit multiple Government websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These FAQs and answers aim to address potential queries that NGOs and social workers might have while using this website, ensuring that they can effectively leverage this resource to benefit the weaker sections of society.

This section is available with popular Sarkari Schemes in English, Hindi and Urdu. If you want to have a physical copy in Hindi or Urdu please try to reach out either to Bihar Rabita Committee, Patna ( or to us by filling “Contact Us” Form.

Surely, we will strive to keep the website up-to-date with the latest information and changes in government welfare schemes. We recommend checking our website or subscribing to our updates for the most current version.

The website is thoughtfully organized, under Sarkari Schemes broad categories are mentioned, further you can quickly find a list of relevant schemes in each categories.

The current schemes includes a mix of nationwide and region-specific schemes. Here our focus is on Bihar specific schemes.

While the website provides detailed information about each scheme, one may try through the given links for direct applications. We try to guides you on the eligibility criteria, application process, and required documents. Please follow the designated application procedures as mentioned in the details.

The website is designed to empower you with accurate information. You can utilize this information to educate and assist beneficiaries in understanding the available welfare schemes. Consider conducting workshops, awareness sessions, and digital banner circulation in social media or printing summarized leaflets for distribution.

We strive for accuracy, but if you come across any discrepancies or outdated information, please notify us at your feedback will help us improve the website’s quality and usefulness.

Absolutely! We value collaborative efforts. If you have insights, success stories, or updates about government welfare schemes, please share them with us. Your contribution could enhance the website’s impact.